The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India

My Dear Esteemed Seniors Fellow Members

“I can do everything I want- “everything is in my control”, “I am powerful”. Perhaps we are mistaken, Nothing is in our control, we are merely playing our roles given by Supreme Power. We act according to the situation but certainly what we can control is our mind, our temperament and our actions. Rest is in hands of Supreme Power by whatever name may we call Him.

We all are going through a tough phase of our lives which we never thought of and which we never imagined one year back. This is how life is, full of uncertainties. Covid -19 has impacted each one us, our families and friends. When we again started coming out of that fear, that aloofness it again showed that it is going to stay longer and will take some of our dear ones along.

With heavy heart I pray before the Supreme Power to give peace to souls of departed members and their relatives and solace to effected families. I regret why I could not help our members in all possible manner. Why situation turned out so bad? Why nothing was in my control?

We tried to work out the situation in which we could address the problems faced by our members with respect to medical facilities by creating a “Covid Task Force” with our members who tried their fullest to address issue of our members to their best possible ways. Team worked day and night and was able to help members in some way, which I know was not sufficient for this time but that was the only measure available for us.

I am hopeful to come out of this Second Covid wave and get back to our normal lives. This can be done by working on our mental and physical heath to come out of this situation soon. This situation has created stress, agony and environment of negativity. But I am very hopeful that we can overcome this by maintaining peace in our mind.

" मन के हारे हार हुई है
मन के जीते जीत सदा
सावधान मन हार ना जाए
मन से मानव बने सदा "

Things have changed since March 2020 and still will change a lot after this second wave. Agra Branch of CIRC will become more active to get each and every member of our branch to get vaccinated by tie-up with vaccination centers keeping in mind the safety of our members and their family members. Considering the major impact of this pandemic on all of us, Agra Branch has presently suspended all its forthcoming CPE activities but we are hopeful to resume them very soon as the scenario improves.

I once again humbly request all the members to maintain COVID-appropriate behavior, social distancing and always wear mask

Stay Home Stay Safe

Best Wishes

CA. Ashish Jain
Chairman of Agra Branch

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